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Nur knapp eine Stunde von Hongkong mit dem Schiff entfernt liegt eine weitere ehemalige europäische Kolonie auf chinesischem Boden: Macau. Seit jeher. Eine Reise der Sonderklasse können Sie erleben, wenn Sie mit Thomas Cook nach Macau fahren. Hier treffen Orient und Okzident aufeinander. 2. Aug. Für die meisten Europäer ist Las Vegas das Glücksspiel-Paradies schlechthin. Doch die chinesische Sonderverwaltungszone Macau hat die. Book Category Asia portal. Retrieved 8 September The literacy rate of the territory is Archived from the original on 19 May Shuttles run twenty-four hours a day, with a headway of 5 minutes during empfohlene online casinos hours, minutes during non-peak hours, and minutes during the night. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 10 January If the sheer density of humans get to you, take a break and enjoy several pretty gardens or head to the island. Has custom banner Huge city articles China All destination poker offline pc Pages linked to a data item for a disambiguation HasDocent Usable articles. Coen 1fc köln bilder after the defeat that "The slaves of the Portuguese at Macao served them so well and faithfully, that it was they who defeated and drove away our people there last year", and "Our people saw very few Portuguese" during the battle. Macau Grand Pokerspielen Committee. Show map of China Show globe Location of Macau. Mit Facebook registrieren Mit Google registrieren. Viele Bauwerke aus den vergangenen Jahrhunderten sind noch gut erhalten. Dies änderte sich erst mit dem Auftauchen der Holländer und Briten. Dennoch zieht Portugal alle Truppen aus Macau ab und erklärt seine ehemalige Kolonie zum "chinesischen Territorium unter portugiesischer Verwaltung mit vollständiger innerer Autonomie". Das Festival zeichnet sich in erster Linie durch künstlerische Darbietungen aus. Das hat Spass gemacht. Was die Erwartungen vieler Denkmalschützer noch übertraf: Die gibt man bei der Sprechstundenhilfe im 2. Nach der Landung begibt man sich zur Immigration. Grundsätzlich gilt jedoch, dass sich die Lebenshaltungskosten für Touristen in Hongkong und Macau in einem ähnlichen Preissegment bewegen. Jahrhundert stammt der A-Ma-Tempel. Alle Busse sind klimatisiert, was im Sommer doch recht angenehm ist. Dies führte zu einem erheblichen Flüchtlingsstrom von Hongkong und Festlandchina auf die kleine Halbinsel. Für ein Taxi werden Kosten von 13 Pataca etwa 1,20 Euro für die ersten 1,6 km fällig und 1,5 etwa 14 Cent Pataca für alle weiteren m. Poolbar und Service am Pool ist vom feinsten.

Maccau - think

Bis war der Glücksspielsektor monopolisiert, danach wurden erstmals drei Lizenzen vergeben. Bett war sehr bequem. Auch das Mitführen eines Stadtplan kann sehr hilfreich sein. Zur Belohnung gibt es die denkbar exklusivste Aussicht über Macau und das Perlflussdelta. Dennoch dauerte es weitere 40 Jahre bis auf der Insel Shangchuan ein offizieller Handelsposten zur Vermittlung zwischen den beiden Ländern eingerichtet wurde. Seit verfügt Macau über einen eigenen internationalen Flughafen, den Macau International Airport.

The following players have also been called up to the Macau squad recently. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Macau national football team results.

Macau national under football team. Hang Jebat Stadium [7]. Sarawak State Stadium Attendance: Dolen Omurzakov Stadium Attendance: Nivon Robesh Gamini Sri Lanka.

Kim Woo-sung South Korea. Kao Jung-fang Chinese Taipei. Luk Kin Sun Hong Kong. Archived from the original on 28 June Retrieved 4 February Retrieved 20 December Retrieved 29 January World Football Elo Ratings: Retrieved 17 September Retrieved 21 July Retrieved 1 March National sports teams of Macau.

Retrieved from " https: Asian national association football teams Macau national football team National sports teams of Macau.

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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Visitors should note that typhoons often strike from mid-summer to Autumn which could stop many activities there.

In the 16th century, China gave Portugal the right to settle in Macau in exchange for clearing the area of pirates under strict Chinese administration.

Macau was the first European settlement in the Far East. It became a Portuguese colony effectively after the treaty signed by the Qing and Portuguese Governments in China has promised that, under its "one country, two systems" formula - Macau is officially the same country with mainland China, but maintains its own ruling systems.

Like its neighbour Hong Kong, Macau still does not have a full democracy and the locals often think that there is too much control or influence from Beijing more one country, less two systems.

Thousands of tourists visit Macau each day, mainly from mainland China and neighbouring regions. The standard of living in Macau has as a result grown significantly, and is now on par with some European countries.

The tourist industry has also diversified - instead of casinos, Macau is also promoting its historic sites, culture and cuisine.

As in the rest of China, the Lunar New Year is a really big deal when all public transport modes are overcrowded and booked out.

You can buy this book at the museum in the Fortaleza do Monte which overlooks the Ruins of St. Macau was geographically divided into three regions: However, reclamation of the area between Taipa and Coloane has created the fourth region of Cotai.

For many years, the usual way to get to Macau was to fly into Hong Kong and take a ferry across to Macau. Today, Macau is becoming a low-cost airline hub, and some are now arriving at Macau to later go to Hong Kong.

Macau has a separate immigration regime from mainland China and Hong Kong. All travellers from mainland China and Hong Kong and all foreign countries have to go through immigration and customs checks on arrival in Macau.

Therefore, if you want to re-enter the Mainland from Macau, you will have to re-apply for another Chinese visa unless your existing one is a multiple entry visa.

Furthermore, an entry permit to Hong Kong is not valid in Macau and vice versa. Holders of a Hong Kong permanent identity card or a re-entry permit can enter Macau visa-free for up to 1 year without having to present their passport.

Holders of a Hong Kong non-permanent identity card can enter Macau visa-free for up to 30 days and must present their passport.

For up to days: For up to 90 days: For up to 30 days: For up to 7 days: China PRC solely for transit via Macau to a third country and holders of a two-way permit with a valid exit endorsement.

In addition, all foreign visitors who intend to enter Macau for less than 48 hours for the purpose of travelling onwards to another destination via Macau International Airport are exempt from obtaining a visa.

If you require a visa, it can either be obtained in advance from a Chinese embassy or consulate, or on arrival in Macau Macau visas are separate from visas valid for travel to Mainland China.

A visa on arrival costs MOP individual , MOP50 children under 12; per person for groups of 10 or more travellers with a collective travel document or MOP family passport.

A visa issued on arrival is valid for multiple entries within 30 days of the issuing date. This is a very quick and cheap way of getting a visa and definitely preferable over filling in an application at a Chinese embassy or consulate.

The standard service takes 5 working days to process the visa application if the embassy needs to refer the application to Macau, the application takes 3 weeks.

All travellers who enter Macau regardless of whether visa-exempt or not may be required to show they have a minimum of MOP5, to fund their stay and possess a valid return or onward journey ticket.

If your travel document is lost or stolen while you are in Macau, you should follow the procedure detailed at this webpage of the Macau SAR Public Security Police Force.

Detailed information about immigration requirements is available at the website of the Macau Public Security Police Force. List of buses which go to the Port can be found here [12].

Clear immigration and customs, and then take the shuttle bus to Macau. Shuttles run twenty-four hours a day, with a headway of 5 minutes during peak hours, minutes during non-peak hours, and minutes during the night.

Coaches are available from the Guangzhou airport at regular intervals. The bus takes you within walking distance metres of Portas do Cerco, the usual entry point into north Macau.

There is also a direct coach from Shenzhen airport and also Shenzhen long distance bus station. The trip from Shenzhen is about 3 hours.

There is also a direct coach from Dongguan to Macau Airport. You can also get a bus from either place to Gongbei bus station in Zhuhai.

That puts you right across the street from the border facilities so you can walk to Macau see next section. This can save you a bit of money; the bus is about the same price either way, but food and hotels are cheaper in Zhuhai.

This is still the main way in which most visitors get to Macau [13]. Porto Exterior , Chinese: This is a busy terminal handling most of the sea traffic between Macau and Hong Kong as well as the Chinese ports of Shekou and Fuyong the latter which serves Shenzhen International Airport.

The bus stop is on the main road to the right as you walk out of the building. Pick up a free bus schedule in the tourist information centre in the building.

If you are heading straight to a casino or hotel, most of these establishments provide free shuttle buses. They gather to the left of the terminal building; step out of the arrival-level of the building and turn left; casino shuttles are in the big bus group while hotel shuttles are in the smaller bus group.

There is a lesser known ferry terminal in Macau, located at Pier No. Porto Interior , Chinese: This is a new ferry terminal building after its former Pier 14 site was given to developers by the Macau Government.

It is very near to the Macau city centre and can be easily reached on foot. A larger permanent ferry terminal is being constructed between the temporary terminal and the Macau International Airport, scheduled for completion in The price of ferry tickets differ based on the time and day of the week of the ride.

Ferry departures at night between 6PM and 6AM and on weekends are more expensive. Be wary of anyone outside the elevators who enthusiastically beckons you to an agents office - and shows you tickets for future sailings, only for you to end up with tickets for ferries that are departing in the next few minutes.

A few touts even pose as "inspectors" and, with practised sleight of hand, swap your ticket. The bus ride should be included in your ferry ticket.

Ferries from Shenzhen Shekou Port to Zhuhai run every 30 minutes. When taking any ferry, make sure to arrive early since customs lines may take longer than expected.

There are two vehicular entry points into Macau from China. Note that you have to switch sides of the road; mainland China drives on the right, Macau on the left.

MFM is off the shore of Taipa Island. While nowhere nearly as well served as Hong Kong, the airport is popular among low-cost airlines thanks to its low landing fees.

Bus AP1 plies a route between the airport and the Barrier Gate. Its route passes through several points on Taipa Island, and it stops at the ferry terminal on the peninsula on the way.

It has limited provision for baggage, and can be very crowded you may not even get the first bus to arrive.

The buses do not give change, but there is a currency exchange just inside the terminal that will change foreign currency into low denomination MOP.

However, the bus schedule is limited If you have a same-day ticket, you can also use this service in the return direction to transfer directly to the airport.

Xiamen Airlines flies to Fuzhou , Hangzhou and Xiamen. It is usually cheaper to fly to Zhuhai and cross the border by land as flights between Macau and the mainland are considered to be international flights.

In fact, thousands of Macanese and Chinese citizens do it daily, making it an horrendously busy crossing.

Depending on the time and day of the week, expect long waits to get processed, up to 3 hours. Many businesspeople work in Macau and live in Zhuhai, resulting in a morning rush hour into Macau, and an evening rush hour out of Macau.

Mid-afternoon might be the shortest wait, with times down to about 30 minutes. The massive underground Portas do Cerco bus terminal is beneath the pretty garden in front of the border checkpoint plaza.

As most people crossing the Barrier Gate are either mainland or Macau residents, foreign passport holders may get a short queue at the Zhuhai immigration clearance as they do not pass through the same counters as Chinese nationals.

There are money changers at the Barrier Gate that give very good rates so you can change your money into Chinese renminbi before crossing the customs.

Although you are not allowed to walk on the Lotus Bridge between Wanzai and Cotai, you can board a bus to cross it.

This is arguably the best way to get around the Macau Peninsula, which is small, compact and full of things to discover.

Most streets have a pedestrian sidewalk making walking easy, although you will have to fight the crowds going in all directions.

Traffic rules are not very well adhered to, so ensure that you look both ways before crossing. In and around the Senado Square, the pavements will be made of hand-laid limestone pieces made into simple designs, something that will surely catch your attention.

Macau is also hilly, be prepared to struggle up and down steep lanes and steps. The bus system in Macau can be difficult to use. It is often difficult to gauge which direction the bus is heading and the routes through the city center are very curvy, making a long ride out of a short distance.

Bus drivers usually only speak Cantonese, very little English or Mandarin and certainly no Portuguese at all. Most bus stops contain no English, although you can sometimes figure out the destination from Portuguese words.

Nevertheless, the websites of all three companies have good route guides. The TCM website [25] is only in Chinese, while the Transmac website [26] depicts routes schematically.

But like the buses in Hong Kong, your fare is according to the bus stop you board, not by the length of the journey.

You need the exact fare as drivers do not give change. However, it may be hard to purchase one as the distribution points are limited. Scooters will seat one or two people and can provide the convenience to see some of the more beautiful and less crowded spots in Macau, such as Coloane Village, Cheoc Van Beach or the Portuguese fort.

Macau is very small and it is easy to navigate around, while driving is much less hectic and more civilized than in other places in Asia.

Macau Scooter Hire [27] provides scooters for rental, though it is best to make reservations online prior to your arrival. Driving licenses from most countries covering mopeds or motorcycles are accepted.

The buses to Hotel Lisboa, for example, drop you off just a few blocks from Largo do Senado. You generally have to be at least 18 years old to use them.

You may have to get a ticket from Lisboa Casino in order to leave the casino by shuttle but most of the casinos offer totally free to take their shuttle buses.

Largo do Senado to the border is about 45MOP. It is a good idea to have your destination written in Chinese as most taxi drivers know only Chinese.

Most taxi drivers carry with them a list of casinos and other important places so refer to it on the sunguard of the front passenger seat.

Macau has a taxi shortage problem, and aside from long queues for taxis, taxi drivers often illegally ask inflated prices without turning on the meter, or refuse to take passengers to undesirable destinations.

Beware of dishonest taxi drivers who often approach tourists just off the legitimate taxi stands or casinos, offering rides for times more than the legal metered fares, practice known in Macau as "fishing".

During weekday rush hours If you are lucky enough to catch one, some drivers may ask you to pay extra upwards of 50MOP on top of the normal fare to your destination.

It is not uncommon to see a huge line for taxi queues during peak times. Avis [28] provides car rental services in Macau and you have the option of renting the car with or without a driver.

Roads are generally well maintained and directional signs are in both Chinese and Portuguese. If you wish to drive to mainland China, your vehicle must have a second set of number plates issued by the Guangdong authorities, and you would need to carry an additional Mainland license, as the Chinese government does not recognise Hong Kong, Macau or foreign licenses.

You would also need to change sides of the road at the border. One of the oddities of Macau is that some Cantonese names and words that are pronounced with what in English is a "W" sound, and that in Hong Kong are transliterated with a "W", are transliterated with a "V" instead, such as in Cheoc Van which in Hong Kong would be Chuk Wan.

This can also be seen in the surname Vong in Hong Kong Wong. No doubt Portuguese pronunciation has had an influence on this choice of transliteration.

Mandarin is not widely spoken, though most locals are able to comprehend it to some degree. Staff working at major hotels and tourist attractions will usually be reasonably competent in Mandarin.

English is spoken by most front-line staff in the tourism industry. Nearly all museums and casinos have some staff with excellent English, as do many hotels, shops and restaurants, especially the up-market ones.

However, English is not as widely spoken as in Hong Kong, so outside the main tourist areas, especially in establishments catering to the average working class, you will find that most people are not conversant in English.

If you have to ask someone on the street of directions in English, your best bet is to approach a young adult who is likely to be a college student or having graduated from it which is not difficult to find given the fact that more and more young people in Macau are now entering universities.

There is plenty of informational material for tourists available in Portuguese as well. As Portuguese continues to be an official language of the SAR, government offices are required by law to have Portuguese-speaking staff on duty; for tourists, the most commonly used is the Macau post office, Correios de Macau.

All official signs in Macau are bilingual in traditional Chinese and Portuguese. Note that under the "one country, two systems" policy, Macau continues to use traditional Chinese characters and not the simplified Chinese characters used in Mainland China.

Although best known for gambling, Macau is rich in attractions and oozing with atmosphere, thanks to hundreds of years of fusion between European and Chinese cultures.

Macau is a fascinating place to just walk around as the place is packed with churches, temples, fortresses and other old buildings bearing an interesting mix of Portuguese and Chinese characteristics.

Besides buildings, there are also hundreds of narrow alleyways forming a maze in the old part of Macau where the people of Macau carry out businesses and work.

If the sheer density of humans get to you, take a break and enjoy several pretty gardens or head to the island.

Despite being a Chinese deity, the statue is distinctly European in design and resembles statues of the Virgin Mary one can find in Europe.

Rua da Tercena is the most popular art, antique, and flea market street in Macau, a little off the beaten track with less Chinese tourist crowds and a lot of character.

Go past the shops selling antiques, the tailor shops, and other small shops until the road reaches a fork.

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